Favourite musical instrument stuff

Guitar Dean ZX Classic Black,
Boss Metal Zone MT2 stomp pedal,
Ernie Ball SLP 10-52 Medium Light strings,
Fender combo


Fritz Grom

Date of birth


Marital status

not married

Favourite bands (musicians)

Inferno, King Diamond, Pink Floyd, ...

What were you like at school?

and long hair and listened to heavy metal

What are your worst qualities?


What do you regret of?

silly things I did

Do you have any tatoos? How many?

yes, 3

Biggest musical hero

Andy La Rocque

Do you believe in ghosts?


Best book you read

culinary book

Last CD you listened to

Slayer @Cult@

Greatest dream

own house with studio

Coffee or tea?

double espresso with cream and three shugars

Favourite car

Offroad 4x4

Favourite food

meat a-la French with vodka a-la Russian

Favourite actor

"Louis dé Funesse"

Favourite actress

Lubov Polischuk

Favourite movie

Waterworld, Knocking' on Heavens Door, Alf (serial)


taking pictures

Favourite alcohol drink


Philosophy on life

Wishing to looking for a way. Unwilling-cause.