Congratulations on the birthday of our legendary bass guitarist - VAD GREK!


The band starts to work in a "new" warehouse
We decided not to experiment anymore, but to give you real and quality gothic metal!Stay Goth!


Video of the concert took place on February 16, 2018, in the Art Club "Warm Lamp" (City of Kyiv) Personal thanks to Volodymyr Tkach for the video!Stay Goth!


Anniversary Calendars - Free at Concerts! Circulation is limited. Stay Goth! SEE MORE


Video invitation to the concert on February 16, 2018, in the Art Club "Warm Lamp" (City of Kyiv) from INFERNO!Stay Goth!


Historical change of the group! February 16, 2018, in the Art Club "Warm Lamp" (Kyiv City) with the INFERNO band, the legendary keyboardist Diana, whose keyboards will be played on all albums of the band starting in 1999, will be released on stage! Break into eternity and do not miss, this may not happen again!Stay Goth!SEE MORE


Historical change of the group! The Ukrainian group INFERNO revives the Gothic culture in Ukraine! On February 16, 2018, the "Warm Lamp" Art Club (City of Kyiv) will be transformed into "Cold Transistor", because the legends of the Ukrainian gothic metal, the INFERNO group, prepared for everyone exclusive. The voice that you remember, the voice that made your hearts beat harder, and the soul sing in full force. As part of the INFERNO band, for the first time in almost 10 years, the legendary vocalist Yana, whose voice you have heard on the albums "No Angels" (2003) and "Voskresni" (2005), will come on stage! Break into eternity and do not miss, this may not happen again! Stay Goth!SEE MORE


INFERNO entered the radio on January 20, 2018. About musical subcultures (parties). The study of any thing, both material and social, becomes more perfect from within. I was fortunate enough to dance myself for several years at the Tuscany party near the metro station "University" (in the collage you can see some photos from that bush), so the theme of the party is not familiar to me from the books. The song of the song is unusual this time, the songs themselves are a story, I only added a small comment, and everything is arranged in chronological order. Listen and enjoy
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2018 year had time to please us. Today, the inferior leader of the INFERNO group was born a granddaughter. We want good health, grandfather spirit, charming beauty and endless smiles. Children are our future !! Congratulations to Grandfather Fritz, the daughter of Oksanka and all those involved with the holiday !!




As Ukrainian family of artists Elixir Strings - refill!

Welcome to our ranks guru Ukrainian gothic movement - Fritz Inferno (Sergiy Bestuzhev) - founding father and undisputed leader Infernos Band.


Defending our country heroically killed the ex-guitarist of the band Inferno - Dmitro Sumksiy... Memory Eternal Hero!

Dmitro Sumksiy