Fritz Vad Yana Tiamat Diana Victor
Fritz Vad Yana Tiamat Diana Victor

The first rehearsal of INFERNO has taken place on July 23, 1994, featuring Nastya (vocals), Fritz (guitar), Alex Punker (bass) and Dennis (drums). In about three months, INFERNO have taken part in their first concert with Ukrainian pillars of underground music of those times Innercell, Mystery and Monkey's Work. This was the first step of INFERNO's accession to the underground Olympus.

The debut was very successful, and INFERNO was invited to more gigs with leading bands of Ukrainian underground.

INFERNO owe their success to their first vocalist who has brought the band up from a bunch of newbie bands in the beginning of 1990-ies.

In 1994-1995, INFERNO plays trash-metal with female growling. However, 1995 has turned out to be the most difficult to INFERNO first they loose their drummer, then their vocalist Nastya Rudenko leaves to USA. This has destabilized the band for a while. Soon the drummer's vacancy was filled with Andy Gone (previously played in Irritator and Death Warrant).

However, the empty place in front of the microphone was the reason of many problems during following several years. After numerous try-outs, the place was filled with Marine Plague, and in March 1995 INFERNO creates their new LP Hell Awaits.

In November 1995, INFERNO have made their first solo concert. This year they start to appear on Ukrainian TV in some programs about underground music. In 1996 INFERNO visit one of the first rock festivals in Ukraine.

In November 1996, INFERNO invites a keyboards player, Alina Kazarian. Keyboards have brought new style to the band's music, from trash-metal to "melodic death/black-metal ""a-la Cradle of Filth"", with an exception of vocals" " screaming and ""academic"" vocals were preformed by the girl, Marine ""Plague""." "In December 1996, INFERNO have recorded their first ""official"" demo tape" Agnus Dei. The title song used to shoot a clip has hit the top ten of the National hit parade. The song stays there for 111 days. Despite everything, in January 1997, INFERNO changes the vocalist again (Oxana, ex-Sansara). The same time, the Sybil's Moan single is released.

However, in 1998, INFERNO's staff suffers a significant change Alina Kazarian (vocals), Anastasia (keyboards), Fritz (guitar), Alex Punker (bass) and Andy Gone (drums).

In this new composition, INFERNO creates the new album The Queen of Dark and records it with Valeriy Papchenko, the famous Ukrainian sound engineer. But the promotion tour was done with another newcomer, the keyboard player Diana Larionova. This staff seemed to be stable, and the band has spent much time at gigs in various cities and festivals up to year 2000. The new album Dark Waters of the Dead River was created.

But this new album was never released. In February 2000, INFERNO is feverish again the new vocalist Anna A-Shuba (Anneke) comes to change INFERNO's style and sound completely.

The Lead Plated album (2000) was dubbed both gothic-rock and new-metal by different musical critics. In 2000 INFERNO plays plenty of concerts and takes part in several rock festivals in Ukraine. But soon Anneke leaves the band for her solo career.

After exhausting try-outs, INFERNO welcomes the new vocalist Yana, and in April 2002 the new album Not Angels (2001) is released on CD along with Be with Me single (2002) and bonuses.

In 2002 INFERNO tours much and takes part in Monsters of Rock festival with MASTER, the legend of Russian rock, and the leaders of Ukrainian underground scene like Te Deum and Conquest.

Since 1994 till 2003 INFERNO scores more than a hundred concerts, 4 mini and 2 long-play albums. In October 2003, INFERNO plays with the famous Austrian band Pungent Stench.

Year 2004 is very fruitful for the band. In April 2004, INFERNO plays with famous VADER from Poland and enters the LEGENDS chapter of the book Encyclopedia of Ukrainian Rock. Then goes a pile of gigs including one with MASTER in October, 2004.

In July 2004, INFERNO celebrates their 10-th birthday. Elite of Ukrainian rock alone with Russian and Byelorussian bands were invited to a closed party in Prime night club. Now INFERNO is comfortably placed in Ukrainian rock music. Currently, gothic-metal style gives the most to the band's melodies, image and lifestyle. In December 2004, INFERNO records the new album Rise from the Dead.

In December 2004, INFERNO started working on recording his new "album ""Rise"" with the same sound engineer Valery Papchenko and" thanks to the incredible efforts of Andy Gone and Valeria Papchenko, the album saw "light 10 October 2005, the label released ""CORE Zone"".The choice of label was" justified and were satisfied with everything!Soon the clip was shot for the song Inferno Falling from the sky (Shmelev directors and the Forest), which was presented at the club Maidan Ukrainian Gothic Portal ( low-budget, video came out very high quality and thematic.

In September of 2006 the Inferno again takes part in international "Festival of Children of the Night ""held annually in Kyiv under the auspices of the Ukrainian" Gothic Portal.The festival also involved Vis Essentialis (Belarus), Error Genesis (Ukraine), Audi Sile (Ukraine), The Guests (Russia) Charlotte's Shadow (Spain), Severe Illusion (Sweden), Prophetic Dream (Belarus), Phantasmagoria (Japan), Blood Jewel (USA) Who Down (Ukraine). The festival debuted a new member of Raziel, on whose shoulders "laid responsible for the ""pause"" in between songs, or rather their fill and" "and sound effects.Thus Inferno again became the first ""pioneers""" in Ukraine.From now on, the song heard on the Inferno concert continuously, creating unforgettable atmosphere.

30-September of 2006, the international festival headliners Inferno "Black Castle, and that's Inferno gives the nod to participate in the festival ""Will Drive""" together with groups of epidemic (Russia), B_la Tower, Nolens Volens, dated On December 16 of 2006 ...I would not mention this concert (it does not mention many, in which participated the group), but on December 3 of 2006 leaves the group vocalist Ian.Internet in the truest sense of the word exploded ...Many could not imagine the group without Yana, who held Post frontvumen long five years ...There were many rumors ... talk ... "wishers foreshadowed screaming about the ""death"" group, etc.etc..... For" 13 days (this number was symbolic for the Inferno), the group finds and "prepares a new singer by the name of Sophie (Alina ""Witch_A."" Roberts).When all was ready, all" "looking forward to the day gig - in order to show its new ""face""" fans - to hear a new voice has become over the years a cult group. From the first notes of vocal fans breathed a sigh of relief, a new voice group was worthy of their attention and love.

The year 2007 marked a lots of events, both pleasant and not very much. The year began with a strong clip shows, such as a meter goth scene Umbra Et Emago (Germany), as well as Russian and Ukrainian groups.At one of the concerts the band played without Alexa Punkera, in connection with the state of his health had to temporarily put aside the bass guitar, at which time it replaced Denis Lagoda.Just behind the drums instead of Andy Gone could be seen Alexander Kipriyanova (Dreams Of Victory).In September, the group returned Alex Punker.The year 2007 was for a group of perhaps the most critical and "Heavy ...he checked on the ""strength"" the group as he could.As a result, the group survived" and continues to please its fans concerts and new songs.

2011-Afternumerousconcertsandchanges inthe grouppreparedto recordand releasea new albumandis negotiatingwith therecording Label

In June the 22nd 2011 After many changes, distributions, withdrawals, etc. I (Fritz), (as the founder and leader of the group) decided to disband the group Inferno and again by the blood and sn6ova take up what has devoted his last 17 ??years of life. Despite all the rumors and false prophecy, a group of Inferno in order and prepare to battle again with the updated structure. It was already back in 1992nd, then in 2000, and in the 2005th. Inferno have always been quality and exclusivity, and remain true to the spirit! The new album Inferno, "Nato Morto" (stillborn) will soon see the world. In winter 2011 (31/12/2011) Inferno announces a new program, new members! Are gaining patience! In the meantime - I continue to announce new members of Inferno: Ivan Popov (NATURAL SPIRIT, Mysteria)-keyboards, arrangements, back-up vocals. Dmitry Kapitun Tiamat (Vicious Delight, Wild Garden, Idol) - guitar bass guitar - Vad Grek ((NATURAL SPIRIT) in September this year the group joined a young, charismatic singer Galina Yovenko.